If you have landed on this site for the first time and just thinking "Oh! Yet another Junk of website!!!", then I have something to say. To me writing about Microbiology and Laboratory Science is of great interest. I'm not a scientist, not a professor or not even an acclaimed writer. But, have a feel that I can contribute to knowledge of people who wish to pursue it by sharing the little I know. In return I wish people can share something that they have so we all learn. In the current competitive science market, the urge to super seed another is so much that people don't share what they otherwise could, leading to a stagnated non breathing science.

    This website is my bit of sharing. Since January 2012 I have been incorporating myself into blogs and other internet activities and I was learning how to make use of internet for sharing. I own a blogger site for talking about microbiology and laboratory science. As a help to students I will be uploading files such as my notes, some power points etc for use by students. I have no issues whatsoever, if anyone intends to make use of the materials provided in this site. I mean it’s all open access. In the coming time, i wish to incorporate more features such as a podcast. Am also looking for a podcast partner and is the part of reason why I haven't podcasted yet.

   The ones who know me well have asked me what kind of a blog name is this "Microboids". This nomenclature is inspired from the word Android. I combined the words Microbiology and Android to create a new one Microboid or Microboids.

   Let me tell you one last thing. The page was designed in a simple possible way that I could make sense of. Please bear with me for such a boring (Without graphics) non professional looking site. My motive is just to share anyway.

Varun C N

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